The weather disturbed the plans: the second edition of the Galeb Sail&Ski Race event remained without sports results

The second edition of the three-day sports event Galeb Sail & Ski Race has ended. Compared to last year's perfect conditions in Platka and Kostrena, this year the organizers were simply unlucky with the weather.

An above-average warm winter, almost completely without snow, first affected the cancellation of the planned program on Platka, and then rain and snow marked both days of the regatta in Kostrena, so that not a single boat could be held.

Despite this year's unfavorable weather conditions, everyone is in agreement that this is an event that needs to be further organized and improved organizationally, because it connects the sea and the mountains in the most beautiful way and points to the exceptional tourism and sports potential of our blue-green county.

The Galeb Sail & Ski Race event is jointly organized by the Galeb Sailing Club, the Rijeka Ski Club and the Goran Sports Center under the auspices of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian Olympic Committee, the Croatian Tourist Board, the Croatian Ski Association, the Croatian Sailing Association, the Municipality of Kostrena, the Tourist communities of Kostrena Municipality, Čavle Municipality and TZO Čavle. Jadrolinija and Medico Special Hospital provided sponsor support for the event.

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