Bowling alley – There are two bowling alleys built according to all standards and rules of the game, and all the necessary equipment for the game can be rented at the information center on Platak.

The first course for Disc golf in Croatia – This dynamic, exciting and incredibly addictive game will surely delight you! In a natural environment, in the fresh mountain air, all year round anyone who can throw a discus can play disc golf. The rules of the game are similar to classic golf, and the difference is that players throw specially designed flying discs, which they need to insert into the disc golf cart. The forest golf course consists of 18 holes / baskets, each of which has two starting positions – one for beginners and the other for more advanced players. All the necessary equipment for the game are discs, and can be rented at the information center.

The summer sports Fun Park on Platak includes a number of sports and recreational facilities, which will be enjoyed by all generations.

Sports playground – On an asphalt surface of 6,000 m2, the marked playgrounds offer the possibility of playing basketball, handball, five-a-side football, volleyball, badminton, etc.

Children’s playground – Swings, slides, climbers, horizontal ladders, seesaws, trampolines and children’s zip line will surely create a multitude of small and large experiences and wonderful memories. And, most importantly, it will shine on children’s faces with a wide smile.

Trim trail – For all recreationists and professionals for whom walking through the forest alone is not a challenge enough.