"MALI MARV" ski school

As skiing teachers on Platak, we strive to introduce children to the joys of skiing through fun and socializing, because learning that way is much easier, more fun and more successful. Our goal is that skiers are always happy to return to the ski slopes. The ski school MALI MRAV is staffed by physical and health education professors, teachers and ski leaders with extensive experience in working with children. We provide our participants with ski equipment (skis, poles, body armor and helmet) included in the price of the ski school.

Find additional information on our website or contact us directly by calling on your mobile phone.

Snowboard club "Nine"


Snowboard school in Platka.

Let snowboarding be a pleasure for you from the first steps!

Enjoy the experience of learning with others while we give you individual attention within your group environment, which is extremely important when taking your first steps. The introductory course is the most popular course and is necessary for successfully mastering the first steps.

Elementary schools are held with a maximum of 8 participants in a group and last 3 hours a day. It is possible to choose between one, two or four days of the initial course. Except during the winter holidays, beginner courses usually start on Saturdays.

The school is suitable for all ages.

Snowboard equipment rental: Adamićeva 18, Rijeka (with prior notice on mobile phone)

SkiGuru – ski school & rental


Programs intended for all ages, group and individual lessons.

Verified ski school program for working with preschoolers in Platka (verification by the Ministry of Science and Education).

Rich experience with a large number of participants in programs in Platko and abroad.



Rental primarily intended for children, complemented by two sets of adult skis - basic level for beginners and higher quality levels for more advanced skiers.


HULJS skiing and snowboarding school

Do you want to improve your knowledge and technique or just start your snow adventure? Register at the HULJS SCHOOL OF SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING!

At the HULJS Skiing and Snowboarding School, we pay great attention to skiing lessons regardless of age, children or adults. Skiing is a sport that knows no age limits, so come and let us share our love for conquering the mountains with skiing and snowboarding.

Are you afraid of slopes? Our HULJS teachers will gladly and patiently help you overcome all obstacles!

Our teachers are licensed teachers of the Croatian Association of Skiing Teachers and Trainers.

Exercises and methods individually adapted to each participant, lots of demonstrations, assistance and a large number of repetitions are the prerequisites that guide us at the HULJS skiing and snowboarding school.

We organize a ski school for our members and all people of good will who want to become one. By signing up for this ski school and paying tuition, you become a member of HULJS, the largest ski organization in Croatia.

No matter what level of knowledge you reach, be sure that the fresh mountain air combined with the whiteness of snow and the positive energy of the teachers of the HULJS ski school guarantees that you will return home with a smile on your face.


The Triton.lab ski school is intended for all ages who are willing to learn to ski or improve their skiing skills. We offer work exclusively in small groups of up to 4 participants or individually. Our ski instructors have many years of experience and knowledge, and we are also special in that we are the only ones in Croatia to offer a freestyle skiing school with a licensed instructor.

Learning to ski is easy! Join us and enjoy with us on our favorite hill Platak!

Look for us on Facebook and Instagram for all the information and questions about appointments or on your mobile phone.

Hero Sport Academy – skiing school

Hero Sport Academy 20231227_195546

A program adapted to each child.

Through our program, children will acquire new experiences and knowledge in a safe and fun way that will enable them to ski independently.

The last day of the program will show you this through a demonstration class for parents, during which children ski through a mini ski slope.

Appointments for kindergartens - during the week
Appointments for schoolchildren - on weekends

Ski rental 1111 Platak

Ski equipment rental at the Platak ski resort with an offer of skis, boots, poles and snowboards.